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Has your skin become loose or sagging over the years? If so, an innovative skin-tightening treatment called NuEra™ by Lumenis® can help and is among the services available from Robin Blum, MD, FAAD, of Central Park South Dermatology in midtown Manhattan, New York. Learn more about this excellent anti-aging treatment during your personalized consultation, which you can book online or over the phone today.

Skin Tightening Q & A

Why does my skin seem looser?

If you’ve noticed your skin becoming looser or beginning to sag over the years, you certainly aren’t alone. As you age, you lose much of the collagen that smooths and plumps your skin, which can cause sagging and give skin a looser look and feel. 

During your youth, your skin is padded with a thick layer of collagen. This is what created the rounded contouring known as a “baby face.” As the years pass, that collagen begins to wear away and your body doesn’t produce new collagen cells on its own. 

Without the same support, skin begins to sag and pool into lines, folds, and wrinkles. You may see significant sagging at your jawline or beneath your eyes. 

What is skin tightening?

Skin tightening is an aesthetic treatment that works to contract your skin and prompt your body to generate new collagen cells. There are multiple treatment platforms that deliver skin-tightening effects, but not all are created equal. 

After considerable research, Dr. Blum decided to bring the NuEra platform to Central Park South Dermatology. This innovative temperature-controlled radiofrequency system is FDA-cleared and offers outstanding results backed by an excellent safety record. 

How does radiofrequency skin tightening work?

The power of radiofrequency skin-tightening systems is the ability to direct carefully controlled heat into the deeper layers of your skin. The NuEra platform allows practitioners to harness the power or precise frequencies to select the depth of each treatment. 

Automatic power and impedance control (APIC) technology automatically increases the radiofrequency power at a gradual pace. Once the proper temperature is achieved, the system maintains that temperature for the duration of your session. 

The heat generated during your session initiates a coagulation effect, tightening skin from the surface level. Your body responds to the heat with a powerful healing reaction and begins creating new collagen cells, further enhancing the tightening effect from within. 

The NuEra treatment platform can be used to tighten skin on your face or body. When used in body applications, treatments offer the added benefit of reducing the appearance of cellulite.  

How many skin-tightening treatments do I need?

Most men and women benefit from a series of six treatments spaced about a week apart. You can repeat your treatment series every 4-6 months to enhance or extend your results. 

When you’re ready to learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Blum. You can call the office to book your visit or spend a few moments on the online booking tool to find a time that fits your busy life.